Worship & Music

Learn about the Activities Our Worship & Music team Support

Hope Through Worship and Music

Crafting of meaningful worship experiences for the glory of God.

Ministry Areas:

  • Regular Worship Services
  • Church Holidays such as Christmas Eve and Holy Week
  • Season worship such as Lent or Advent
  • Worship Leaders such as Musicians, Altar Guild, Assisting Ministers, Ushers, Lectors, and Acolytes
  • Special Occasions

Usual Activities:

  • Recommend new and seasonal forms of worship, liturgies, and hymns, using:
    • Bible, Manual on the Liturgy, Evangelical Lutheran Worship, Sundays and Seasons, Worship Wordbook, Altar Guild and Sacristy Handbook
  • Provide and arrange for supply pastors and organists as needed
  • Supervise budget for worship activities
  • Arrange and publicize special services as needed
  • Oversight of choirs
  • Monitor copyright licensing for liturgical music, such as: CCLI, OneLicense.net, and Augsburg
  • Supervise the Altar Guild in the care, use and maintenance of sacred vessels, the altar, altar furnishings, vestments, and supplies such as communion cards, pencils, wine, wafers, baptismal towels and candles, and altar candles
  • Arrange the making of Baptismal Banners
  • Coordinate all church and chancel decorations

If you’re interested in sharing talents this way, or if you have any other questions,

Please Contact Hope’s office at 724-776-3141.

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