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Care During Corona

Dear Hope Family/Friends, These are unprecedented circumstances and we are working hard to anticipate and identify needs. Would you be willing to pick up groceries for someone with a compromised immune system? Assist with childcare? Pick up medicines at the pharmacy? Are you looking for some care from the community? Fill our this survey and we will be in touch with you!

Time and Talent Survey

Time and Talent Survey

Our Vision: Growing community through service, learning, and worship.

Our Mission: Knowing God. Inspiring People. Transforming Lives.

This online form will allow you to indicate your area(s) of interest so that we can be good stewards of your time and talent and invite you to share Hope's Ministry and Mission.

Please indicate your area(s) of interest. You may check all boxes that apply.
Thank you for participating in the Hope Lutheran Time and Talent Survey!

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