Music plays an integral part in the Lutheran worship service

Music of HOPE

Music plays an integral part in the Lutheran worship service, and Hope is no exception to that rule. There are many ways that individuals and the congregation make a joyful noise unto the Lord during a service. While the congregation has ample opportunity to participate in the worship service through the singing of hymns and psalms, some people find that they have God-given gifts that can help others to more fully appreciate worship. They share those talents by participating in the following ministries:

  • Liturgical Choir
  • Instrumental or vocal soloist
  • Joyful Noise Band

The music then, as part of the worship service, enlivens the word of God proclaimed in the readings and sermon. It provides the means for the congregation to participate in the preaching and teaching of God’s word, instead of being merely passive listeners. It provides a long-lasting memory of the reading of scriptures. How often do you leave a service still humming one of the hymns?

The choosing of music for the service is not done haphazardly. The music must have a unifying aspect that ties the different parts of the service into a whole, and must amplify and accompany the actions of worship. The Lutheran church follows a liturgical calendar, where a liturgical year is divided into seasons, each having an emphasis on a part of Christ’s life. During each of these seasons, the church has adopted specific colors to adorn the altar, specific scripture readings for each day and specific themes for preaching. The music is chosen to reinforce the theme of the season and the day and to help the congregation more fully appreciate that particular aspect of Christ’s ministry on earth. This is why the anthems the choirs sing are chosen to reinforce the theme of a Sunday, why we sing particular hymns during each season, and why, for example, we don’t sing Easter hymns during Lent or Christmas carols during Advent.

If you’re interested in sharing talents this way, or if you have any other questions,

Please Contact Hope’s office at 724-776-3141 and speak with the Music Director.

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