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Hope Lutheran Facilities Use Policies and Procedures

The following are policies and procedures established for our ministries and the community for building use. It is important to read, understand, and become familiar with these policies and comply with the guidelines that have been established.

Hope Lutheran Church reserves the right to modify, supplement, or revise any policy, provision, or fee, with or without notice, as it deems necessary or appropriate.

Qualifications for Use

Hope Lutheran Church requires that all users follow these guidelines. It is the responsibility of the “authorized representative” identified on the Application Form to notify all participants of these guidelines. We reserve the right to cancel any facility use agreement at any time based on Hope Lutheran Church ministry needs.

The use of Hope Lutheran Church facilities is open to businesses, non-profits and individuals. Individuals may request usage of the facilities for personal use. Hope Lutheran Church facilities are not for use by any group or groups advocating a specific political party or position, or whose goals are contrary to the mission and vision of Hope Lutheran Church.

*Disclosures must be made to Hope Lutheran Church regarding any situation or activity that would put Hope Lutheran Church or its members at risk.

Application Fees

Application/deposit fees are to be submitted with the application. A $100 deposit will be required. Fifty dollars ($50.00) of the deposit is nonrefundable and will be applied to the facility fee. The remaining $50.00 is a cleaning fee and is refundable if the facility is cleaned and returned in the condition as noted in the Room Setup/Clean Up section.

An exception will be made to Hope Members, as defined by the Church Constitution – A $50.00 cleaning fee deposit will be required and refunded in full unless the facility has not been cleaned and returned in the condition as noted in the Room Setup/Clean Up section, then the $50.00 cleaning portion of the deposit will not be refunded.

Loss and Liability

Hope Lutheran Church, its officers, and employees shall not be liable for loss, damage, injury, or death to persons or their property as a result of the use of Hope Lutheran Church facilities. Persons and/or organizations using the building hereby agree to indemnify Hope Lutheran Church, its officers, and its employees and hold harmless from all claims for loss, damage, injuries, or any casualty whatsoever.

Hope Lutheran Church is committed to providing a safe environment for employees, members, and visitors. All groups using the facility will provide Hope Lutheran Church a single point of contact at the time the application for use is completed. The group is responsible to pay for any damages to or loss of congregation’s property that may result from its activity. Damages or other problems are to be reported to Hope Lutheran Church immediately.

An entrance code will be issued to the designated contact by the Office Manager to access the building.  You will be responsible to turn on/turn off the security system when entering/exiting the building.  If the security alarm is activated and the police are dispatched to Hope Lutheran Church, a $150.00 fee will be assessed to your group using the facility.

Room Set-up

Room setup will be handled by the user group unless other arrangements have been made. All areas of the building shall be returned to the same condition the user group found them in at the beginning of the activity. An additional charge may be levied to the “authorized representative” or deducted from the deposit if cleanup or maintenance is required.

  • Collect all garbage into bags and take to the dumpster located at the back of parking lot.
  • Wipe off tables and chairs.
  • Return all tables, chairs to their proper place after your event. Return all rooms used to their normal set up.
  • If using the kitchen, wash/dry all dishes used and return them to the correct cupboard. Take all extra food/beverages with you. Wipe counters and leave the kitchen clean and ready for next use.
  • Vacuum and sweep floors as needed. Report any damage to equipment promptly to the church office.

Building Hours

Hope Lutheran Church will be available for activities for the general community on most evenings. Church-related activities may necessitate refusal of a request to utilize a room or area.


All advertisements of activities and events held at Hope Lutheran Church shall not imply any sponsorship by Hope Lutheran Church for those activities and must be approved by the Office and Communications Administrator. Any posters, notices, or displays for your event may not be posted to walls within the facility. Approval of an event at Hope Lutheran Church does not imply nor guarantee publicity of the event or organization within Hope Lutheran Church publications or websites. Hope Lutheran Church reserves the right to monitor and limit posted information.


Use is limited to the requested room(s) and individuals are not permitted in any other part of the Hope Lutheran Church facility. No other uses or use of rooms shall be permitted other than those listed in the application and for the number of attendees listed thereon.

Supervision must be provided at all times by responsible adults appropriate in number for the size of the audience in attendance. Persons under the age of 21 shall not be permitted in the building without adequate supervision by adults.

Smoking, alcohol, and controlled substances are prohibited on the Hope Lutheran Church campus including the parking lot. It is the responsibility of the applicant to inform all those using the facility of these policies.

Weapons (firearms, weapons, fireworks or open fires) are prohibited in or around the church building, parking lot, or green spaces.

Food and Drinks are to be served and consumed only in tile or linoleum areas of the building. Any event serving food or drinks must be hosted in the Community Hall.

Equipment: Use of Hope Lutheran Church does not include the use of any equipment (AV, computer, or office equipment) or materials which are the property of Hope Lutheran Church. Due to wear and tear from transportation and use, tables, chairs, and other equipment will not be permitted to be used outside the Hope Lutheran Church building except for church-sponsored events.

The Refrigerator is for church use only.  If you need refrigerator space for an event, please contact the church office in advance to make appropriate arrangements.

The Church Nursery, Sanctuary, and Narthex are not to be used under any circumstances without prior approval. No group is permitted to use the nursery for children without prior permission or if granted permission, must have adult supervision and must clean up afterward.

Parking: Employees, members, and visitors shall park at their own risk and the church will not be responsible for theft or damage to any vehicles parked on or near church property. Hope Lutheran Church will not be responsible for personal property left in vehicles that is lost, damaged, stolen, or destroyed.

Lost and Found

Hope Lutheran Church will not be responsible for personal property that is lost, damaged, stolen, or destroyed. If you happen to find personal belongings that have been lost by another person, please turn them into the church office.

Hope Lutheran Church Building Use Fees

Contact our Office and Communications Administrator, for the hourly rates of our rooms: (724) 776-3141 or officeasst@hlc.church

Community Hall (half and full day – with or without kitchen usage)

  • Youth Room
  • Class Rooms
  • See Hope Lutheran Church Wedding Guide for wedding-related usage fees

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