Learn about the Public Relation Committees Responsibilities

Public Relations / Evangelism Committee

The Public Relations Committee is Responsible for:

  • Helping to ensure that all communication media throughout Hope Evangelical Lutheran Church is current and in good standing.
  • Developing and maintaining effective communication systems, promoting maximum reach, clarity and consistency of message and speed of delivery.
  • Promoting the mission and vision of Hope Lutheran internally and externally.

To Fulfill These Responsibilities the Committee Will:

  • Meet at least 10 times per year and more frequently, if necessary, to focus on pressing projects.
  • Help to streamline communications structures within the church and provide a consistent format for Hope’s communications via the website, press releases, event support and promotion and photo/scrapbooking ministry, among other duties.
  • Help all church committees with their communications efforts by serving as guides for appropriate message distribution.
  • Develop and implement a feedback system to evaluation Hope’s current communications.
  • Publicize current services and programs in the most effective way possible to the local community.
  • Consistently improve Hope’s website as needs change within the congregation and as technology advances in the marketplace.
  • Provide a monthly report to the Congregation Council on the activities of the Committee.

The Evangelism Committee is Responsible For:

  • Giving leadership to the congregation as it strives to stimulate and lead all members in continuous and concerted efforts to reawaken the spiritually indifferent in our community and reach others who are unchurched with the Gospel and attach them to Christ’s Church.
  • Sharing with the Pastors the program of proclaiming the Gospel to all people.

The Fulfill These Responsibilities the Committee Shall:

  • Meet at least monthly as a committee.
  • Maintain an ongoing member visitation program.
  • Work with the Pastors to welcome and visit prospective new members.
  • Foster a climate of evangelism that encourages congregation members informally and spontaneously to share Christ.
  • Promote and direct congregation-wide evangelism education.
  • Coordinate with the Pastors and the leadership of the Shepherding program to promote the reception, orientation and integration of new members into the congregation.
  • Provide a monthly report to the Congregation Council on the activities of the Evangelism Committee.

If you have an interest in sharing your talents with the Public Relations/Evangelism Committee, we welcome your involvement!

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