“In the principal service of Christian worship, the Holy Spirit gathers people around the means of grace – the saving Word of God and the sacraments. From the table of communion where Jesus Christ comes with forgiveness, live and salvation, God sends us out to share the good news and to care for those in need.” – Evangelical Lutheran Worship, Leaders Desk Edition, Pattern for Worship

The basic format of worship at Hope, consists of:
– Gathering, where the Holy Spirit calls us together as people of God
– Word, where God speaks to us in scripture, preaching and singing
– The Meal, where God feeds his people with the presence of Jesus Christ
– Sending, where God blesses us and sends us out into the world

Holy Communion is celebrated at all Saturday and Sunday worship services, as well as at special services

Services at Hope are at 5 PM on a Saturday and at 9 AM and 11 AM on a Sunday. For more information about these services, please select one of the tabs at the top of this page.

The Saturday evening worship is a less formal service of Holy Communion. It does not involve as much Liturgy as the 11 A.M. service but it is still a service of Holy Communion. This service is less full than either of the Sunday morning services and many people find the less crowded atmosphere more conducive to worship. It is also an alternative for people who have to work on a Sunday or can’t make the Sunday morning service for other reasons.
The 9 A.M. service is a family oriented worship. There is a children’s sermon as part of this service. The order of the service is changed with Communion being celebrated before the sermon so that children up through the sixth grade may take communion and then be dismissed for their Sunday School classes. The youth (grades 7 through 12) are dismissed for Sunday School after the sermon.
The 11 A.M. service is the most formal and traditional of all the services. It includes the fully Lutheran Liturgy and communion. The service is lead by the Liturgical Choir and they sing an anthem during the service almost every Sunday September through May. On occasion, the Hope Chime Choir will also participate in the service.
There are a number of other services that take place during the church year.

During Advent, we have services every Wednesday evening from 7-7:30pm

On Christmas Eve (December 24th), there are three services:
– 4 P.M. is primarily a worship service, with communion, designed for families with younger children
– 7 P.M. is a a family candle-light service with communion
– 11 P.M. is a candle-light service with communion

On Ash Wednesday, there are services at 12:15 P.M. and 7 P.M. These are full communion services with the imposition of ashes

During Lent, there are services every Wednesday evening from 7 until 7:30 P.M.

During Holy Week, the services are:
– Maundy Thursday at 7 P.M., where the second grade students who have received instruction receive their first communion
– Good Friday at 12:15 P.M.
– Good Friday at 7 P.M. is the Tenebrae service
– Saturday before Easter at 7 P.M. is the Easter Vigil service

Hope in Praise (Contemporary): First Saturday of every month at 5pm

Healing Services Dates:
to be announced