Hope’s Church Council

<strong>Alicia Demchak</strong>
Alicia DemchakPresident
<strong>John Agnew</strong>
John AgnewVice President
<strong>Julie Luszik</strong>
Julie LuszikSecretary
<b>Alan Krohe</b>
Alan KroheHospitality Committee Liaison
<strong>Ken Parshall</strong>
Ken ParshallPR and Evangelism Committee Liaison
<strong>David Best</strong>
David BestWorship Committee Liaison
<strong>Steve Geil</strong>
Steve GeilChristian ED Committee Liaison
<strong>Darrell Miller</strong>
Darrell MillerStewardship Committee Liaison
<strong>Jon Agnew</strong>
Jon AgnewBuilding Expansion and Property
<strong>Bud Krapp</strong>
Bud KrappFinance Committee Liaison
<strong>Marilyn Duke</strong>
Marilyn DukeMutual Ministry Committee Liaison
<strong>Peggy Mays</strong>
Peggy MaysSocial Ministry Liaison
<strong>Julie Luszik</strong>
Julie LuszikYouth Liaison
<strong>Jamie Fleming</strong>
Jamie FlemingYouth Liaison
<strong>Colleen Smith</strong>
Colleen Smith Treasurer